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Revolutionary Robots Impress at State Competition

The KDS DAR Middle School Revolutionary Robotics Team participated in the First Lego League (FLL) Superpowered Season this year. Every year, the FLL designates a theme for the competing teams to utilize for the competition, and the team members are challenged to create an innovative project to address a community need within that theme. The competition includes a Robot Game and an Innovation Project with a strong emphasis on core values. This year, the FLL theme encouraged teams to consider ways to improve the journey of energy in their local communities.

The students researched different types of electricity in the community and then decided to survey the residents of Grant. Based on their research, the students decided to work on a project to safely deter squirrels from power lines. The team, which is made up of five 6th grade boys and one 8th grade girl, interviewed electricians, lineman, engineers and wildlife experts. They designed a squirrel guard that could be placed over various types of transformers.

For their design, these students won the Innovation Project Award and also advanced to the State Competition where they students made additional improvements to their design and increased their Robot Game points significantly. With some disappointing last minute technical difficulties, the robot missed the target of optimal performance. Even with these disappointing results, the Revolutionary Robots were extremely pleased that their coach, Lisa Fountain, was selected as the State Coach of the Year for the second consecutive year.

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