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Our Programs

There are numerous ways for you to support student needs and educational opportunities at KDS! Listed below are the programs available for sponsoring.

For more information about sponsoring
any of our programs, contact:

Jason Hodges

KDS Development Director
Phone: (256) 728-4236

Childrens Fund
Children's Fund

With more than half of the residents of the Gunter Mountain, Alabama, area living below the poverty line, many of the students who attend KDS DAR School do not have the basic necessities many of us take for granted.  A contribution to the Children's Fund provides for students' personal items like shoes, coats, backpacks, and school supplies.  Funds are also used to assist with school fees, athletic equipment, senior yearbooks, and field trips for those with a significant financial hardship.


No child’s opportunities should be limited by personal or financial barriers!

Student Health
Student Health

The KDS Health Clinic was established by the National Junior Membership Committee of the DAR to provide for the general healthcare needs of students. Donated funds pay for everything from bandages to dental visits and eye glasses.

Through the Health Clinic, KDS also administers screenings for vision, hearing, and scoliosis, and educational programs to improve students' understanding of health-related issues.

Blessings Bags
Blessings Bags & Patriot Pantry

Blessing Bags is a valuable program that provides food assistance for schoolchildren in financial need. There are currently more than 110 KDS students and 40 families benefiting from the monthly vouchers. The vouchers must be used within the month issued and can only be used for food items.  The cost to sponsor one child is $125 per year.


A Patriot Pantry located in each school offers ready-to-eat snacks children can discreetly access during the school day.  The pantries are also stocked with small personal items and toiletries.

College Scholarships
College Scholarships

One of the greatest gifts to give a student is the opportunity to further his or her education. More than $150,000 in scholarships is awarded annually to KDS graduates in pursuit of higher education. Gifts can be made to sponsor a specific scholarship or can be designated to the KDS Scholarship Fund which provides renewals to deserving graduates.

Cascade chapter Scholarship_edited.jpg
Work Program
Christmas Fund

Each year, with the help of generous friends, KDS sponsors approximately 65 students and their families for the holidays. Donated funds provide clothing, toiletries, personal items, and of course, a few 'goodies' from the child's wish list to help make their Christmas special.

Christmas Fund
Work Program

A Work Scholarship program makes it possible to employ students after school and during the summer months. Students working as janitorial staff, office helpers, and maintenance assistants learn valuable work skills, gain real-life experience to add to their resumes, and earn a much-needed paycheck for themselves and their families.

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