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KDS DAR Middle Peer Helpers are Off to a Great Start!

The Peer Helper PLUS Program is a national program which encourages peer-to-peer support, mentoring, encouragement, and assistance with emotional and behavioral issues. The KDS DAR Middle Peer Helpers have been very busy.

The DARM Peer Helpers started their school year handing out schedules and giving tours to new students. On Orientation/Open House Night, they served as guides to students and parents discovering their new classes. The Peer Helpers, also, invited all of the new students to a New Student Cookie Meet-and-Greet Social.

As the month of August continued, the KDS DAR Middle Peer Helpers celebrated the new iPad given to them by the DAR. This new iPad has been used to film videos on the DARMPeerHelper YouTube Channel and to take pictures of school campaigns and special events.

PH Receive iPad

September found the Peer Helpers wishing our new assistant principal, Mr. Mitchell, a very happy birthday.

Also, in September, the Peer Helpers encouraged a school campaign of Positive Thinking.

September included the KDS DAR Middle School Homecoming with Dress-up Days sponsored by the Peer Helpers.

Along with Dress-up Days, the Peer Helpers also sponsored Substitute Appreciation Day by giving our substitutes who were working over that week a special treat and thank-you cards. In addition to this special day, on Custodian Appreciation Day, the Peer Helpers honored our two special custodians, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Martin.

Celebrating Substitute Appreciation Day

Celebrating Custodian Appreciation Day

October started off busy, as well. The Peer Helpers promoted a school-wide awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness with a special dress-up day on October 9th.

The Peer Helpers continued October by inviting the new students to a Question-and-Answer session about our special events of Dedication Day. Then, on the Thursday of Dedication Days, the Peer Helpers served as guides and greeters for our special school guests, the DAR ladies on Dedication Day. What a wonderful way to wrap-up activities before Fall Break!!

New Students Dedication Day Q & A

Greeting the DAR Ladies

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