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KDS Alumni Collaborate to Create Positive Books for Children

Haley Watson and Kennedy Allen, both KDS graduates, have published their first children’s book. Horus the Friendly Pumpkin Finds a Family is geared toward elementary-aged children and promotes friendship, self-acceptance, patience and positivity. Haley, the author, and Kennedy, the illustrator, joined forces in pursuit one of their greatest passions: helping children believe in themselves.

Haley Watson graduated from KDS in 2015 and went on to the University of Alabama, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Science and a minor in Computer Technology in 2019. She soon realized her true calling was to inspire children to believe in themselves. Haley began writing when she was twelve and, throughout her high school years, her love for writing developed further. While a student at KDS, she was involved in the KDS High School yearbook and writing articles for the Patriot News column in the local newspaper The Advertiser-Gleam.

Graduating from KDS in 2019, Kennedy Allen went on to graduate cum laude from the University of Alabama in 2022, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in News Media and a minor in Art. While a student at KDS, Kennedy was known for her artistic talent while participating in various art competitions, including the Alabama District 4 Congressional Art Competition. There she won first place in 2017 for her work in the mixed media category and later second place in the painting category in 2018.

The two, who are first cousins, have teamed up with Beyond Sun Books, LLC, to create a line of children’s books, with four additional titles being published in 2023.

Horus the Friendly Pumpkin Finds a Family is now available on

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