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How Will You Celebrate KDS Turning 100 in 2024?

On Monday, February 26th KDS will celebrate its 100th birthday! There are a multitude of ways you can be a part of the celebration. Everyone, including KDS alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends, businesses, organizations, and NSDAR supporters from across the nation have the opportunity to mark this special year in our school's history.

Now through June 1, 2024 you can make a pledge to support our 100th Anniversary Project. Any donation amount is appreciated. A variety of sponsorship levels are available and each have their on donor benefits. By pledging at our $500 Patron Level, individuals, businesses, organizations, NSDAR chapters, and NSDAR State Societies will be included on the project's permanent recognition plaque. For more information about the 100th Anniversary Project click here.

The KDS Alumni Challenge is well underway! Many KDS Alumni have already joined in the celebration by helping their graduating class rise to the challenge in meeting their goal of raising $500. For current totals and to help your class reach their goal click here.

Share Your KDS Story! We would love to hear about your time at KDS DAR School, how the school has impacted your life, and what you are doing currently. Your story is an important part of the rich history of our school and we look forward to reading yours! To get started, click here.

Shop the KDS online store for our special 100th Anniversary branded items including apparel, jewelry, and accessories. Our beautiful Kate Duncan Smith 100th Anniversary Cameo can be worn as a brooch or necklace pendant. When you purchase one of these limited edition cameos, you are supporting the 100th Anniversary Project building fund.

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