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KDS DAR School's
100th Anniversar

"A Vision Come True"

The Tradition Continues...

Listen to the chimes!

Kate Duncan Smith DAR School opened its doors on February 26, 1924 to offer a quality education for the children of Gunter Mountain and surrounding areas on Kate Duncan Smith's 80th birthday. 

Although much has changed at KDS since the school’s opening a century ago, the mission remains the same today – to provide opportunities for educational and personal growth for students, while emphasizing patriotism, responsible citizenship, and the historical legacy of the school.


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During this centennial year, we are looking to feature as many alumni stories as possible. Add your story to the KDS DAR School Centennial celebration.

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KDS is forever grateful for our generous supporters. A donation today helps ensure we will stand proud, educating the leaders of future generations.

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Join us for our 100th Dedication Day October 3-4.

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Do you have a KDS story to tell? We would love to hear about your time at KDS DAR School, how the school has impacted your life, and what you are doing currently. Your story is an important part of the rich history of our school and we look forward to reading yours! Use the form below to share your KDS story.

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Centennial Campus Commons

The Support

For a century now, Kate Duncan Smith DAR School has received both monetary and in-kind gifts from a multitude of sources. Like many other projects in our school's rich history, the completion of the Centennial Campus Commons would not be possible without the generous support of the Daughters of the American Revolution, KDS DAR School Alumni, local and area businesses, friends of KDS, and many others. If you would like to sponsor our 100th Anniversary Project, please click on the button below.

The Committee of 100

The KDS Committee of 100 is a group of the school’s most ardent supporters who each made a $1,000 gift to benefit the Endowment Fund, providing financial security for our Gem of Gunter Mountain well into the future. This $100,000 cumulative gift will be invested conservatively, and the earnings will be used, over time, to preserve and maintain the school’s facilities and grounds.


Sue Ellen Adams

Nancy Carter Billings

Beth Cagle

Tammy Clemons

Terri Dean

Janet Ewing Deaton

Patrice R. Donnelly

Nancy Folk

Athelia Gibbs

Heather Green

Connie Grund

Cheryl Preston Harrison

Laura Daniel Horn

Rita P. Horton

Peggy S. Johnson

Karol Kapustka

Antonia Martin Lalor

Clariece B. Lilly

Betty Moore

Melvina Phillips

Rita Reid

Suzanne "Sue" Shaver

Hampton Smith

Jean Vaughan