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Track Renovation is Complete

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The renovation of the KDS Track that began in mid-July of 2022 is now complete. This extensive project required total demolition of the existing track, which was constructed in 2006 along with the football stadium, because during construction, the base was not properly compacted, resulting in large cracks all along the track’s surface. The cracking was so severe it rendered the track virtually unusable.

Additionally, the track was not the proper size or dimension to be utilized in Alabama High School Athletic Association sanctioned events such as High School Track Meets and lacked the straight-lane extensions required for 50- and 100-yard dash events.

After the old track was removed and the base was compacted, concrete curbs/edges were formed around the football field, drains were installed, and interior fencing and certain sections of exterior fencing were replaced. The new track was paved, and the rubberized surface was installed in the Fall. A long jump pit, high jump area, and pole vault area were also added. Construction of two new ticket booths was completed in early February.

KDS Varsity Track Coach Keith Buchanan said, “Having the new track has been such a blessing to our program. We now have the surface and equipment to conduct quality practices. Just as important, we also have the opportunity to host meets and bring in revenue we have so greatly needed for the track program.”

KDS will premier the new track when it hosts a JV meet on March 20th. The Varsity Track Team hosts a meet on April 13th, and the Marshall County Track Meet will be held at KDS on April 18th.

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