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KDS Seniors Experience Mock Job Interviews

On Wednesday, April 12th, 90 members of the KDS senior class took an important step in their preparation to enter the workforce by participating in mock interviews with potential employers from real companies. More than 15 interviewers representing the insurance, education, medical, public safety, industrial, and other fields participated. There were also recruiters from the U.S. Marines, Navy and National Guard in attendance.

The event, coordinated by KDS High School Librarian Tammy Sutton, Assistant Principal Brandon Edwards, and Marshall County Career Coach Angie Otinger, was intended to have the students experience a real interview process. Each student participated in 3 separate interviews. They were required to produce a resume, dress appropriately, and be prepared for a variety of questions.

Each interviewer provided feedback to help students know what they did well and what they should work on. The students were nervous at first but really enjoyed the experience and learned much about how to prepare for interviews in the future.

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