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Schools are the Jewels of DAR

During the DAR Education Luncheon at Continental Congress on Friday, June 30th, gifts from the Friends of DAR Schools Fund were presented by National Chair Dawn Lemongello, with KDS receiving $12,500 to fund the first of two installments for a sponsorship of the KDS 100th Anniversary Project, “Centennial Campus Commons”; $18,000 for the Elementary School Fine Arts Enrichment Program; $7,000 for the Children’s Fund; and $7,000 for the KDS Scholarship Fund.

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution encourages its members to support the DAR School program through the Friends of DAR Schools Fund. The Friends of DAR Schools Fund contributions pay for needed projects at the DAR-supported schools.

Through the Friends of DAR Schools Fund, the National Society and the DAR Approved Schools are working together to address the greatest needs of the schools and their students. Thank you for your support of this valuable program.

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