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Junior Hearts Sparkle for KDS

A highlight of Continental Congress each year is the Junior Membership Committee Luncheon. This year’s event was no exception.

The Junior Membership Committee of the DAR has for more than 86 years raised money for the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund through the sales of nationally approved Junior products at the state and national levels as well as the contributions of chapters for Achievement Award credit. Those funds are awarded to the DAR Schools annually for projects which directly benefit children. This year, National Junior Membership Committee Chair Sarah Grace Brooks presented KDS with $12,500 to fund the first of two installments for a sponsorship of the KDS 100th Anniversary Project, “Centennial Campus Commons”; and a $10,000 contribution for the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund.

The Helen Pouch Memorial Fund was established in April 1938 and named in memory of Helen Pouch, 1901-1919. Helen was the daughter of Mrs. William H. Pouch, the first National Chairman of the Junior Membership Committee, 1937, and President General, NSDAR, 1941-1944. This fund provides medical aid, general financial assistance, and scholarships at the DAR Approved Schools.

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