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Projects/Items In Need of Sponsoring


To support a project/item in need, click on the donate now button below and be sure to make a detailed note as to which project/item you wish to sponsor. Thank you for supporting KDS DAR School!  

Elementary School


  • Colorful Area Rug $300

  • Shelving & Cubby Renovation of Kindergarten & First Grade Classrooms (10 classrooms, $2,500 per classroom)


High School

  • Blinds/Window Coverings $3,000

  • Chromebooks $279 each (need 10)

Physical Education
and Athletic Equipment

  • Softball Pitching Machine $2,000

  • Windscreen for Baseball Field $11,525

  • Fence Crown for Baseball Field $229

  • Dumbbells set for Volleyball Weight Room $768

  • Lightweight Volleyballs for Middle School Volleyball Team $500

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