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Make Your Mark to Honor 100 Years of KDS

To celebrate 100 years of education, patriotism, and tradition, KDS DAR School is inviting its friends to be a part of the Centennial Campus Commons project.  During the school’s centennial year, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate this special milestone while leaving a gift for future generations.  This is such an exciting time for KDS, the community, the school’s alumni, and for the DAR, and we invite you to participate in ways that are meaningful and impactful to you, your chapters, and your state.

This project is being subtitled “Stars & Stripes Forever” in recognition of the enduring spirit of patriotism and American ideals for which the school stands. It will focus on constructing and rejuvenating a neglected space in the heart of our historic campus, thereby enriching our student experience by providing opportunities for learning both inside and outside the classroom, and providing a gathering place for all those who love ‘dear ole KDS’.  The sloped area between the Bell Tower and the Log Cabin will be terraced and proper drainage will be installed.  A patio will be created at the base of the Bell Tower, utilities will be buried, and some 850 linear feet of uneven sandstone walkways will be replaced.  Sod will be added, and the area will be enhanced with beautiful, yet low maintenance landscaping.  It is a massive project that will transform this part of campus.

This project will unite our campus and our community by focusing on shared experience, strengthening our connection to our history, and serving as a reminder of how the past shaped us to inform our present and mold our future.

(Plaques shown above are examples.)

Cast bronze plaques to be placed on the patio will acknowledge project donors of $500 or more.  The deadline to be included in the permanent project recognition is June 1, 2024.  So, if there is someone you wish to honor or remember, or maybe you want to show your ‘Patriot Spirit’ by contributing with your graduating class, a donation to the project is a wonderful way to do that. 

For more information on the project or the 100th Anniversary celebrations, visit or contact KDS Development Director Jason Hodges at or 256-728-4236.

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