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Friends of KDS DAR School
$25K Challenge!

The residents of Gunter Mountain have a long-standing tradition of supporting KDS DAR School.  Join us in celebrating our centennial milestone by donating to our 100th Anniversary project. With your help, we can reach our goal of raising $25,000 towards necessary building cost.

Together, we can make this dream a reality for our students, faculty, staff, and community!

Celebrating 100 Years
of Local Support

In 1923, brothers Wiley and John Ayers sold 100.4 acres of land to the local citizens of Gunter Mountain for $1,100 or eleven dollars per acre. The deed was signed over to the Alabama Society Daughters of the American Revolution in an old, two-room log cabin that once stood on the property. This acquisition of land would set in motion the building of the school.

Mountain residents were eager and willing to work—men, women, and even children, gathered stones from a nearby quarry and hauled them to the school. Women prepared warm meals for the men during the cold winter months. Others cleared roads for mule-drawn wagons loaded with supplies. Day by day, stone by stone, the realization of a school began to take shape.

In less than six months time, the four-classroom building was completed. The cobblestone walled structure with its asphalt slate roof and pearl exterior trimmings, made for a beautiful sight amidst the picturesque mountain scenery. Workers had labored tirelessly to complete the project before Kate Duncan Smith's 80th birthday on February 26th, 1924.

This remarkable accomplishment would never have been possible without the unwavering love and support of these early mountain residents. For them, the school stood as a symbol of hope and opportunity. It would offer a better education and future for their children; one steeped in the love of God, home, and country. It was the pride of their community. It was their gem on Gunter Mountain.

It is in this same spirit of selflessness and support that we now call on the people and businesses of our community to rise to the occasion once again by contributing to our Friends of KDS DAR School $25K Challenge. Your gift will help us in raising the necessary funds to complete our 100th Anniversary project. The Centennial Campus Commons will not only honor all those who have given their support over the past one hundred years but will also serve as this generation’s commitment to provide the best education possible for our children.

Much has changed since those early days, but one thing remains steadfast, loyal, and ever true… the pride and joy we share for our beloved KDS DAR School. Please, take a moment to consider how you plan to rise to the challenge. Patron level pledges begin at $500. See below for more information about our various giving levels and benefits.  Together, through the generosity of residents and local businesses, we can make dreams become reality once again!

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100th Anniversary project flier.

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100th Anniversary sponsorship flier.jpg
My Pledge of Support

Please note that to minimize administrative and processing fees, we are asking that all contributions be made via cash or check and that the final balance is paid no later than June 1, 2024.

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